Protects you and the company against the risks and exposures resulting from the running of the company. for example, your liability for mismanagement.

Provides protection for the individual when the company cannot reimburse the individual. This means the individual will not be personally out of pocket, funding legal costs, when they are sued in their capacity as an employee, director or officer of the company.

Employment Practice Liability Protection for the individuals and the company for claims involving employee disputes. With the ongoing changes to workplace legislation, it is often confusing for employers to stay on top of their duties and obligations. Employees are more aware than ever of their rights and will not hesitate to make a complaint if they feel they have been unfairly treated. Consider also that a potential employee (someone that you decided not to hire) could bring an action against you for discrimination.

Superannuation Trustees This is relevant for companies who have company sponsored staff superannuation funds in the event that a breach by the trustee occurs.

Fidelity Guarantee Provides protection for the company against loss of money or money equivalents due to any dishonesty or fraudulent act or omission of employees.

Company Reimbursement Provides reimbursement to the company in the event that an individual has been indemnified by the company.

Company Liability Provides protection for claims made against the entity.

Fines & Penalties Provides for individuals in the event they are ordered to pay monetary sums to a regulatory authority.

Management Liability is often a combination of some or all of the above covers.

Management Liability

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